Some trash talk prior to the inaugural heat. 

Yep... this happened.

Yes, we have rules (blah, blah,blah, blah, blah). 

1.  You must use a cantaloupe.

2.  You must use between 1-4 wheels

3.   For once, gravity is your friend, and the only means by which your fruity vehicle may be propelled.  This means no engines/springs/magnets/pushing, etc.  as it advances down the sloped course.


Cheaters are dealt with accordingly.

This was most unfortunate.

Ohhhh..... the carnage!

Melon Derby:


We  Can

Dresden Melon Festival

Mrs. Melon Head just before her face plant.

The crowd could hardly contain their excitement.

One of last year's crowd favorites, the MelonDerby, is back for 2018 and sure to be better than ever.  Start planning now for your winning entry!