Yes, we have rules (blah, blah,blah, blah, blah). 

1.  You must use a cantaloupe or small watermelon.

2.  You must use between 1-4 wheels

3.   For once, gravity is your friend, and the only means by which your fruity vehicle may be propelled.  This means no engines/springs/magnets/pushing, etc.  as it advances down the sloped course.

​NEW for 2023:  Your entry  cannot be longer than 2 feet in length to accommodate the launch platform. 


Always a crowd favorite, the MelonDerby is back for 2023 and sure to be better than ever.  Start planning now for your winning entry!

This was most unfortunate.

Melon Derby:


We  Can

Cheaters are dealt with accordingly.

Mrs. Melon Head just before her face plant.

Yep... this happened.

Dresden Melon Festival